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New Targanta Appoints Garen Bohlin to Board of Directors

Targanta Study Shows Oritavancin Treatment Effective
     in a Mouse Model of Anthrax

Targanta Reports Improved Ability of Oritavancin To Stop
     Bacteria Growth In Vitro (ECCMID 2007)

Targanta Announces $70 Million Series C Financing

Targanta To Present at 9TH Annual BIO CEO and Investor
     Conference Therapeutic Workshop

Comparative Efficacy of Rifabutin and Gatifloxacin in the
     Rat Osteomyelitis Model

Efficacy of Oritavancin in a Murine Model of Bacillus
     anthracis Spore Inhalation Anthrax

Effect of Polysorbate 80 on Oritavancin Binding...

Influence of Polysorbate-80 on Susceptibility of Gram-positive
     Bacteria to Oritavancin

Efficacy of Oritavancin in a mouse model of S. pneumoniae...

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