31/01/2005 Targanta appoints Chief Scientific Officer

27/01/2005 Phagetech announces name change to Targanta Therapeutics

10/09/2004 Phagetech identifies a new chemical series against resistant strains of S. aureus.

12/01/2004 Bacteriophage genomics approach to antimicrobial drug discovery published by PhageTech in Nature Biotechnology

15/09/2003 Phages Point the Way to Novel Targets for Antimicrobial Drug Discovery; PhageTech Drug Discovery Platform Presented at ICAAC

23/06/2003 Phagetech appoints former Pfizer R&D; executive, Pierre Etienne, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

19/6/2002 PhageTech Receives US Patent Covering Novel Target and Method of Discovering New Antibiotics to Fight Staph aureus