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Norris E. Allen, Ph.D.
Director, Scientific Communications

Dr. Allen has over thirty years experience in antimicrobial drug discovery mostly at Eli Lilly Laboratories where he held positions of increasing influence in the research department. His expertise includes identification of novel targets (mechanism-based, high throughput screening of natural product samples and synthetic organics, hit to lead evaluation, and SAR follow up). He is very familiar with all aspects of natural products discovery programs and has extensive experience in preclinical evaluation of new antibacterial agents, the antibacterial marketplace, and where opportunities for new agents do and do not exist.

Dr. Allen also has broad research experience in directing mechanism of action and resistance studies on major classes of antibacterial agents including glycopeptides, cyclic lipodepsypeptides, aminoglycosides, macrolides, and -lactam antibiotics.

Dr. Allen obtained his Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Maryland and did his postdoctoral research in the Biology Department of the University of Pennsylvania. He will continue in his part time Adjunct Professor role in the Department of Micriobiology and Immunology at the Indiana University School of Medicine.